I Sea Horses
I Sea Horses I Sea Horses

Meet the Seahorses In the "I Sea Horses" Herd

I Sea Horses


Pegasus the white stallion ran free long ago

But he dreamed of the ocean - so there he did go

He was the first seahorse that was destined to be

A blue finned horse that lives undersea.

I Sea Horses


Meadow loved running with her thundering herd

To live in the water - why that seemed quite absurd!

Now she swims through sea grass meadows deep in the sea

And she's a beautiful seahorse - as pink as could be!

I Sea Horses


Sunflower was a wild mare that had a long golden mane

That instantly loved her new sea domain

She turned a bright yellow from her head to her fin

As she played with the sun stars and blended right in.

I Sea Horses


Splash was a horse painted chestnut and white

But now she glows and prances in the blue ocean light

With colors of the sea painted coral and peach

She loves life in the sea - she thinks, "life's a beach".

I Sea Horses


Sandy was a mare that was the color of rust

She loved to play in the grass and roll in the dust

Now at home in the water- she's always quite clean

And no longer rusty - she's turned bluish green.

I Sea Horses


Bubbles is her sea name - but she was called "Wind" long ago

Because she raced with the wind wherever she'd go

Now deep in the water, in an endless blue sea

She races the fish and bubbles with glee.

I Sea Horses