I Sea Horses
I Sea Horses I Sea Horses

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"I Sea Horses" is a children's story about a herd of wild horses that chooses a life and destiny of living in the sea as seahorses. Their fate and destiny is determined by their brave stallion.

The herd is led by Pegasus, a beautiful white stallion that has a premonition that the wild herd's legacy of running freely on the land is about to end in the future. The buffalo and wild horses are facing the end of their era and they must find a new place to live. Pegasus has a dream that he has a choice of the sea or the sky. He chooses to take his herd to find a new life in the sea and the herd transforms from earthy colored four legged wild horses to a magical tropical hue of blue, green and pink sea horses.

Fearing to enter the cold dark water, the herd is comforted by Marina, a star that has fallen to the sea and has become the light of the ocean as a starfish. Her journey to find her reflection on the ocean below created a path to the ocean floor, where the moon and the comets could follow. Her love of the ocean and her friendship with the wild horses creates a permanent bond, so the seahorses carry the starfish to light their way in the dark.

The story of light, magic and wild horses transforming into sea horses is a story for all ages and will be passed on for generations to come.

I Sea Horses